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Scenar for Pets

Scenar offers a drug-free route to better health, mobility & general wellbeing. It can be used on such a wide range of conditions that it may seem too good to be true! However, nothing could be further from the truth!


Household pets too can enjoy the benefits of drug-free pain relief. Whether following illness or injury, or suffering from lack of mobility as they age, Scenar can improve your companion's quality of life.

Your pet will need to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible to get the most out of their Scenar treatment. This can usually be achieved in the security of their own home. Treatment length is often dictated by the patient, as pets usually know what is good for them and will let you know when they have had enough, but please allow 45mins to an hour for your pet's treatment.

£40.00 per treatment + travel (where applicable)



SCENAR is a complimentary therapy that can be used alongside mainstream medicine & other therapies, although many healthcare professionals may not have heard of Scenar. Please always advise your Veterinary Surgeon before embarking on a course of Scenar Therapy, as it can affect the how current medication reacts with the body. If you are in any doubt regarding the health of your pet, always consult your Veterinary Practitioner. 

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