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Scenar for You

Scenar offers a drug-free route to better health, mobility & general wellbeing. It can be used on such a wide range of conditions that it may seem too good to be true! However, nothing could be further from the truth!


Some of the conditions commonly treated with Scenar include:

*Arthritis                                        *Muscular Pain

*Sports Injuries                             *Post Surgery

*Back/neck/hip pain                     *Depression/Anxiety                      


Scenar Pain Relief Therapy appointments are held at The Devon Clinic CIC in Paignton.

You can book your appointment directly with the clinic, or if you would like to arrange a Home treatment, please contact Scenar Southwest directly.  

Your treatment will generally be between 45 minutes and an hour in duration, depending on the condition being treated. 

For maximum results, it is recommended that you do not bathe for 2 hours either before or after your treatment, and avoid applying lotions or make-up prior to your treatment.


Scenar is suitable for all ages and has no negative side effects.

The only contra-indication is patients with heart pacemakers or other electronic implants.


Price List - correct from 1st July 2023

Initial Consultation     -   £55.00

Single treatment         -  £45.00    

Course of 4 treatments -  £162.00

Course of 6 treatments -  £243.00

Course of 12 treatments - £486.00



SCENAR is a complimentary therapy that can be used alongside mainstream medicine & other therapies, although many healthcare professionals may not have heard of Scenar. Please always advise your GP before embarking on a course of Scenar Therapy, as it can affect the how current medication reacts with the body. If you are in any doubt regarding your health, always consult your GP. 

Back Pain
Scenar device, neck pain image
Woman in Pain
Scenar device, electrode attachments.
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