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What is Scenar?

The Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation (S.C.E.N.A.R.), was developed for the Russian space program to replace medical treatment for astronauts during space travel.  The SCENAR uses biofeedback - by stimulating the nervous system - and can inform the brain of where the ailments are, so the brain can send out the proper signals for the body to heal itself of a wide variety of illnesses.

Scenar is a hand-held, battery-powered device. The Scenar transmits a signal into nerve receptors in the skin, and then "listens" to the body's response in the form of changes in the skin's electrical impedance. It then sends a new signal back to the body, and again listens to the reply - a biofeedback and treatment loop.

Why should I consider Scenar for myself or for my horse?

 The main reasons are its speed, depth and long-term effects. These effects usually begin quickly and are felt more broadly than just the areas being treated. Ongoing chronic conditions may need a lot of work over several months, but Scenar doesn't work as a temporary fix - once Scenar has fully broken through, the results are usually lasting.

If you or your horse have symptoms that just won't go away, and your doctor or vet, and other therapists, have already tried their best, there is still an excellent chance that Scenar can help. It is outstanding at removing pain, and restoring lost functions, even with conditions that started decades ago.

After an accident, surgery, chronic or extreme stress, or disease, the body commonly repairs itself to at least some degree, but how fast, deep and comprehensive this is, depends on what other issues the body is dealing with. If it's in a weakened, stressed or distracted state, its reaction to the damaging event or pathogen may be slow, leading to the condition becoming better established.

Scenar does not contravene any FEI or Jockey Club rules, making an ideal option for the serious equine athlete.

How does Scenar Work?

What the Russian researchers discovered was that they could help the body recognize and re-connect with these areas of pathology, stimulating the C-fibres to produce cascades of neuropeptides, and shaking the body out of the negative equilibrium it reached in those  areas.

With chronic conditions, the challenge is to disrupt these stuck states that the body has formed. Scenar nudges the body into disequilibrium, reminds it of forgotten healing priorities, and guides it back into both a positive balance (homeostasis) and lack of pain. The body has powerful resources for balance and self-healing. Scenar breaks the "cyst", reminds it of the priority, and coaches it to finish off the repairs.

What does Scenar Feel Like?

As the Scenar device goes through treatment cycles, you'll feel a tingling or prickly sensation on your skin. This feels different in each place and between different Scenar devices and treatment modes. Some Scenar signals feel simple and very focused. Others feel complex and three dimensional. Some horses will fall asleep throughout their treatment.

Sensations may appear in totally different parts of the body. Muscles may start to contract and relax. It is common for the pain to disappear in its first location, then reappear elsewhere, as the therapist "chases the pain".  

The overall feeling is of comfort and relief. People usually report an immediate reduction in pain, and often a total absence of pain in the areas treated (at least for the duration of the treatment, but sometimes permanently, and often for hours or days later, with the pain-free periods usually becoming longer and longer). Many people report a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Better sleep and brighter moods are also common. Horses will perform better and without pain or tension. 

Is it Safe?

Scenar is totally safe, suitable for all ages, and virtually everyone's body will respond. In the more than 30 years since it was first invented, there are no reports of negative side effects. Individual therapists may prefer not to treat certain conditions, but the only major contra-indication for Scenar is electrical implants such as cardiac pace makers.

Scenar is non-manipulative, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and can be used with people and horses of any age. Scenar feels tingling or prickly, but (generally) soothing.  

Scenar is unusually well researched: after large clinical trials, over 30 years of use in Russia, and over 10 years here, there are no reports of negative side effects. Scenar uses the most natural and gentle of healing processes… those in the body.

Instead of blocking or manipulating the body in a forceful, one-way process, Scenar's signals are being constantly modified by the body's responses. Coached to repair itself using its own resources, the body will generally choose to do so quickly and deeply.  

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