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Scenar - a positive approach


Congratulations, thank you  for choosing Scenar!

If you are still reading these pages you are already well on your way to achieving great results,

even if you are still sceptical about the benefits of Scenar.


It is important to approach Scenar with an open mind & a positive outlook. Your condition may

have taken many years to reach it's present state, therefore it will take time & patience to unravel

the layers of symptoms which have built up.

You may have tried other therapies with only limited success, Scenar works at a deeper level by

stimulating the body back to equilibrium. This may take several treatments over the course of

days, weeks or months, but be patient, your body will need time to adjust & heal.

Some health conditions, particularly chronic ones, can be the result of multiple causes.

So considering general & lifestyle changes can play a part in your return to good health.

Frequency of Treatments

With Scenar, particularly at the outset, it is important to treat frequently enough so that the body receives the information & momentum it needs to carry on the healing process, otherwise it can slip back to how it was before treatment began.


Generally, with acute conditions such as injuries, post surgical wounds, inflammation, it is recommended to have a Scenar session every day or two for the first few days. Increasing the length of time between treatments as the condition improves.

For other non urgent conditions, it is normal to have two or three treatments per week for the first few weeks, then weekly.

For more chronic conditions monthly treatment is recommended once Scenar has broken through & the main issue has largely been resolved. This will help prevent the condition worsening or recurring. 

The total number of Scenar treatments needed will depend on the nature of your condition, the level of pain & your level of general health. For simple muscular pain, for example a strain, one or two treatments may be enough. For more chronic conditions a course of up to twelve treatments followed by monthly 'top-up' treatments to prevent the condition recurring will be more beneficial.

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